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Location: Farm & Home Center 1383 Arcadia Rd, Lancaster 17601

Be Affective where you are, you are there for a Reason! 

Joell Ketcham Coordinator of Night to Shine at LCBC Manheim

Please join us at our monthly membership meeting on November 15th as we hear from Joelle Ketcham on the topic of being affective where you are since you are there for a reason!

Joell has always been an advocate for those with special needs, starting back in middle school when she developed friendships with a few individuals. 30 years ago, her love for those with the special needs became personal after the birth of her son Kenny, who has a rare neuro-genic disorder called Angelman Syndrome (A.S). A.S. presents itself in many ways including; seizures, poor sleep patterns, a happy demeaner, loving people, lack of speech, mobility challenges, dietary sensitivities, intellectual challenges and a love of water.

Kenny was not diagnosed till he was 7 ½ yrs. old, so life was quite challenging in the beginning. Joell recalls “just not knowing what we were living with or why was very disheartening but I told God, I may never know what, why or how, but if Your hand is on the door in front of me. I will go through it.” She often tells others, if you say this to God, you better get your running shoes on. After extensive research, Joell found Kenny’s diagnose and it was later confirmed through genetic testing.

When Kenny was a year old, Joell started a support group for parents of children with special needs to better connect the community. 

Most recently, Joell has been the coordinator for Night to Shine on behalf of LCBC Manheim. Night to Shine is a complementary prom experience for teens and adults with special needs sponsored in-part by the Tim Tebow Foundation and are held across the Globe. Joell has been coordinating the Lancaster event for the past 8 years and the local Night to Shine event has grown from 67 honored guests with special needs in the first year to over 400.

Caring for others whether by collecting items/food, raising funds for a family going through difficult times, making a meal for someone, walking beside a family who has a child just diagnosed with a new challenge or coordinating all the details that make Night to Shine happen, these things are what makes her heart happy.

“Giving is a double blessing we all can give, One to the Receiver and the Giver!”

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny” C.S. Lewis