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Location: Farm & Home Center 1383 Arcadia Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601

Holiday Give Back and Meeting

Bling, Bangles & Bags

Bring your Handbags, Purses, and Jewelry for Exchange and Donation to local non-profits assisting women to get back into the workforce..

Developing Intentional Goals! 

Karen King, Senior Internal Auditor with Fulton Bank 

Please join us at our monthly membership meeting on December 20th as we hear from Karen King on the topic of goal setting.

Karen will discuss ways to help you reach your goals and identify the habits and systems that align with your values and purpose. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or focused on personal growth, she will equip you with the essential tools and mindset for success. During our time together we will walk through: Building Confidence and Motivation, aligning values, processes, and habits, and you will leave with tangible tools, strategies, and techniques that can be applied in any area your life. Your presence and contributions make a positive impact. Keep breaking barriers, inspiring others, and paving the way for future leaders.

You will walk away after the meeting you will walk away with: 

1. Clarifying your values and purpose, will provide you with direction to the results you want to achieve.

2. Your habits and systems are about the processes that led to those results.

3. Start with a small win, pick a new habit that is easy enough that you don’t need motivation to do it, increase over time.

4. When you slip, get back on track quickly, you just need to be consistent.

5. Be Patient! Stick to a pace you can sustain.


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